It’s winter and most women struggle with dryer skin during this season.


Not only do we dehydrate during the winter months, our legs spend more time in front of the heaters, it is more difficult to drink those 8 glasses of water and coming out of the shower in the morning is a super Olympic race to get into your clothes to ditch the cold.

This and many more winter habits contribute to our skins being dryer during the winter months.

If you are in your 30’s or 40’s, even your 50’s it is never too late to ditch the soap and switch to oil. Our skin is dehydrated because of the excessive use of soap that strips the body of all natural oils.

The solution? You ask… Simple. Spritz on a Pure Shower Oil that contains no Soap and exfoliate lightly with a body buff.This will keep your skin healthy and radiant during the winter months. Ready to absorb that Vit A in December.

Nourish, Hydrate, Feed your skin. Just like our inner bodies, just like our plants, just like our animals, our skin needs nourishment.

Choose a rich Shower oil this winter.

We love the  Elim Argan Body Gloss, (R425) Simply spritz on before getting into the shower. You will love the feeling of 7 oils on your skin.





What might be growing underneath your Gel Nails. Do you own a Nailbrush?



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Have you ever seen Gel Nails from below? You will not believe what we have found under some clients nails.

We were shocked to see how beautiful a manicured nail may seem from above. The danger is the amount of dirt and bacteria that gets hidden underneath the nails.

Did you know less than 10% of adults own a nailbrush and only 2% of them brush their nails on a regular basis.

Why would i need a nailbrush you might ask? Simple! A nailbrush does a lot more than simply clean the nails.

Here are a few advantages of brushing your nails twice daily.

  • You remove unwanted dirt and bacteria
  • You stimulate your nail bed for blood flow and growth.
  • Your nails will appear whiter and brighter.
  • Removes unwanted cuticles.

I remember being in a routine as a child to brush my nails daily. It was as important as washing behind my ears, Somehow this has gotten lost and we see little girls everywhere with unhealthy weak nails.
Start this daily routine and get your children involved. Brush twice a day. Keep a good silicone fibre brush in your shower. We do not encourage the use of soap on the nails but rather something like the Illuminating Nail Cleanser from Elim Spa Products.

It contains papain that stimulates the nail and increases the whitening action.

You can purchase your Illuminating Nail Cleanser on Elim Spa Online for only R140.00


And receive your Elim Nailbrush Free of Charge.




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Ever heard someone say her Grandma had a beautiful skin? Why is that and what did she do or NOT do to have that perfect looking skin?


For Decades we have been bombarded with marketing on Soaps and foams. The beautiful fragrances they release in our showers or tubs intrigue us. We are constantly looking for the new trend for the season.

Soap removes your body's natural oil and should be replaced by an exfoliant

Soap removes your body’s natural oil and should be replaced by an exfoliant

Some of us love the fruity; others prefer the more conservative fragrances. I have so many good memories from that deep rich greenness of my Grandma’s Badadas Bubble Bath.

It was luxurious, rich and warm. But was it really that good?

In this blog we are not going to talk too much about the bubble baths and foaming agents but rather about the soaps we use in our Bathrooms and showers and I hope that after reading this article you will have some insight as to why we should be looking at alternatives.

What I am about to share with you is old news for formulators and big corporates and they have realised the harm they are doing to our skins. We now see them slowly introducing moisturisers in our soaps and opting for more oil in our soaps.

Ask yourself the question, what do you remove oil with? The answer off course is soap, so what is the purpose of combining soap and oil in one product.

Here are the very basic facts you should know. Your skin has a natural layer of oil. This oil will help the skin stretch as you grow and even when you fall pregnant.

stretchmarks 1

When you wash your skin with strong soap you might gain some pleasant fruity fragrance but you are stripping your body from its natural ability to stretch. The big corporates will off course be ready to sell you a moisturiser to replace the oil you just removed.

Certainly I shouldn’t stop washing right? Yes you should and many before you have started doing it. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie went soap free. Ask Famous model Iman what she uses on her skin. She will tell you “everything but soap” Why is that? Because removing the natural oil from the skin decreases its ability to stretch and leaves you with stretch marks or wrinkles.

The only legitimate concern we should have is to get rid of body odour. For this there is also an answer. Odour is formed on the surface of our skin and clings to fine hair on the skin. It is only removed by Exfoliation.

So exfoliating my skin is the answer? Yes. Exfoliate daily and use good natural oil 3 times a week. This way you allow your skin to secrete its natural oils, stretch and shrink back as you grow.


We have a challenge for you at home. We would like you to take up our 7-day challenge. All you need for now is a good Lufa or a Messe Glove (the original ones they use for Turkish Baths are the best) and some coconut oil. About 3 tablespoons.

this glove is for the ultimate exfoliation. you can use it with elim products or with simple coconut oil.

this glove is for the ultimate exfoliation. you can use it with elim products or with simple coconut oil.

On day one you rub 1 tablespoon of coconut fat on your skin under the warm shower. Allowing it to gently melt on your skin.

Follow this by exfoliating with your Lufa or Messe Glove. Do not use the glove on intimate or sensitive areas but continue with the coconut in all areas.

Day 2: Only exfoliate with your Glove

This continues until day 7 with an exfoliation daily and a good “oil rub” every other day.

Watch your skin perform better and look more radiant than ever.

Elim Shower Routine

Elim Shower Routine

@ Elim Spa Products we would love to hear from you.




cropped-the_truth_about_beauty01.jpgAnother Sharing idea to make your spa or Salon more profitable.


Picture this:

  • Monday Mornings are quiet at the Salon Right?
  • Winter is quieter than December Right?
  • It takes effort to get your salon cozy and warm in Winter Right?

Sharing with a business in your area might just be the answer. HOW? Let us share some ideas.

This is what i would like to see with my next Pedicure and this is how you do it.

Trade 3 low cost Spa Treatments (massages) for the same value Hot Chocolates at a nearby restaurant.

hot choc

When your client arrives you can choose to order in for her or you can issue her with the Hot Chocolate voucher.

The Restaurant in return can use their massage vouchers as an incentive to motivate Staff and can be redeemed on a Monday Morning when it is down time at the spa.

If you feel that food is too risky in the spa and you prefer gifts, why not partner with a sock company and give away a warm pair of socks with each Pedicure?

With a little effort you are adding value to your treatments and not spending any money.

We would love to hear from you.

Let us know if this worked in your salon.  Feel free to share this blog.


Shantelle Booysen


Paying it Forward in your Salon



Eating is obviously something we all do. And today we are eating out more than ever before.

I try to explain that to my children who are nearly teenagers and it is such a foreign concept to them that you would only dine out on Birthdays and Mother’s Day. For some reason we never spent that money on Father’s day. I think it might have something to do with the value of eating dinner at home vs the lawn being mowed….

We live in this beautiful Sharing Environment where most of us understand the power of giving. We are all familiar with the great feeling it gives us.

Eating out again a few nights ago…I came across this black board at a restaurant and thought of us, the Beauty Industry and how we could implement this to improve business.


Your database is your most powerful asset and to grow your database we have traditionally been using things like groupon or aggressive advertising. Or we ask for an email address without giving anything back to the client.


I would love to see the effect when you offer a free brow wax with every treatment in return for joining your email database.

PS: i suppose if waxing is not an option you can always offer a 10 min foot massage added to each treatment.

Enjoy giving



(Elim Spa Products)

Elim shows you the Full Picture.

cropped-download.pngYou have heard every excuse in the book why you have dry heels.

  • You don’t moisturise enough.
  • It’s a genetic thing.
  • You stand too much.
  • It’s the shoes you wear.
  • You walk barefeet to often.

elim shows you the full pic

And all of these have some validity but the truth is really much simpler.

It is in the home treatment of our heels.

Are you filing or blading?

Picture this: when you cut your skin, a message goes to your brain and tells the brain there was injury.

The skin will react and form a scab.

When you blade your feet the same thing happens, a message of injury goes to the brain and your body reacts by forming a callus.

Yes it is that simple.

The solution? Use a chemical that gently removes the skin without filing or blading.


How Sauna’s can change your Life & Burger King just joined in on the fun.

burger-king.jpg.size.custom.crop.1086x578Although i would never endorse the eating of unhealthy food, i still have to celebrate this great move of Burger King.

Watch this video:

Burger King in Finland now has a 15 seater Sauna.

For a long time I believed that the only value of going into the Sauna was to detox, to sweat out all my toxins and to get rid of excess water retention.

I have been suffering in Saunas for decades and there are often philosophies that are pro sauna and there are schools that warn against the dry air and the damage to the skin.

Saunas are often misunderstood and their true power has been hidden for decades.

I recently visited a Nordic country and was surprised to see the amount of public saunas and how often they are used in certain parts of Europe.

What also interested me was that just outside the saunas are ice-cold pools of water.

Certainly this could not be healthy to dry out and then freeze to 0 degrees in less than 10 minutes?

I learned a beautiful truth from the Estonians. Our bodies were designed to fight Bacteria and Viruses. They do this by raising the body temperature. We know this as Fever.

So next time you have a slight fever don’t be too eager to break the Fever instantly. It might be wise to leave the body to build anti-bodies and fight something foreign it is experiencing.

When you enter the Sauna your body is experiencing high temperatures, the bodies’ temperature will rise and a fever is imitated. This means that the fighting mechanism is at work and our immune system starts to work, forming anti-bodies.

Jumping into an ice-cold pool is great for the blood circulation and also cools down the body instantly. Again the process is repeated. A fever is imitated; your body will experience a high temperature and start building anti-bodies.

Visit your sauna every time you go to your local gym. They are normally free of charge and you can even take with your favorite Oil Blend. We recommend the Elim Argan Body Gloss with Argan, Calendula, Rosehip and 6 more top quality oils.


We trust this serves as valuable information to start building your immune system the easy and healthy way.

Shantelle Booysen




– See more at: http://www.elimspaproducts.co.za/how-saunas-get-you-healthy#sthash.H42kOkFH.dpuf

I have Ridges on My Nails, But WHY?

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Some say this is a normal part of ageing, some say it has to do with your diet, some even blame disease.

Most women over 35 are struggling with unevenness on the nail bed. It appears ridged and coarse.  Do you find that your nails have been dull lately?

The truth is that Nail Ridges are form when there is a lack of moisture and natural oils coming through from the body.

If you have this problem, you are probably also struggling with dry hair and skin. Continue reading

The Hype around Baking Soda

It seems like every morning i switch on my computer there are more and more articles covering the secret power of Baking Soda.

Many readers might think that this is just the new buzz word, but for everyone at Elim Spa Products, it is a great news that the true power of Baking Soda is finally revealed.

For years we have been promoting our Hydro Thermal Peel as a unique formula containing Baking Soda as a base and assisting with exfoliation. Not only is it gentle on the skin but it gets the PH down which means the skin is producing more natural oils.

More natural oils means more elasticity which again leads to less ageing of the hands.

Here are some great ideas around Baking Soda.

Exfoliation:  Baking soda will remove the top layer of your skin leaving it refreshed and free of dead cells. Use it anywhere on the body.

Hair Care: Get beautiful  clean hair with baking soda shampoo. To avoid drying or damaging your hair, do not use this method more than twice a month. We often exfoliate the body, the feet, the skin and even our hands but the scalp is always hidden and forgotten.

Detox Bath: Run your bath and add half a cup of baking soda to one quarter of baby oil in the bathtub and lay down and relax. You will feel that your body is losing all that tension you had.  baking soda1

Teeth Whitening: Add a little bit of Baking Soda to your toothpaste, it helps with whitening and brightens the teeth. Next time you purchase Toothpaste look for the label that says “with baking soda”.

baking soda 3

Daily dose: Your body has a natural PH that often gets disturbed by the intake of sugar. Use a teaspoon of Baking soda in Water, drink early morning to neutralize the body.

HeartBurn – Take a teaspoon of baking soda disolved in Water to neutralize stomach acids and get rid of heartburn.

baking soda 2

Cancer  – It has been known that Cancer cells cannot grow in a PH neutral environment. Drink daily to protect your body against the dangers of an acidic environment caused by carbohydrates and sugar. See www.phkillscancer.com

Elim is concerned with your PH level and uses Baking Soda as a base but never compromising on the active ingredients needed in your product.

Use the Hydro Thermal Peel combined with the Age Reversal hand Cream for a Pigmentation Free Skin.

See www.elimspaproducts.com for the full range of MediHeel and MediHand.

Start Trusting Science with your body.

So Why is Elim any different?

10997294_867484619981794_3124396182471542253_n copy

The industry is ready for new innovation and we have seen a lot of new products and new technology on the facial front but very little has been done on the manicure and pedicure scenes.

Elim spa products from South Africa has taken a critical look at the manicure and pedicure systems followed worldwide and invested innovation to improve on the outcomes through changing the procedures and sequence of the pedicures and manicures.

Traditionally pedicures relied on filing and blading but Elim developed the MediHeel pedicure that chemically breaks up the protein bonds on the skin to remove dead skin cells. There is also a focus to maintain the ph. balance of the feet, which improves the appearance of the skin. This is done through a neutralizer.

Traditional scrubs were traded for alpha Hydroxy exfoliants with gently wax beads and an anti bacterial and anti fungal spa additive replaced the age old foot soak.

When it comes to massage mediums, the MediHeel pedicure opted for a non-slip cream with spread ability for massage but that dries on the skin to stop any slipping after the treatment.

The signature finish to the pedicure is a gold dusting on the feet and legs with a fine fragranced gold dust.The range also includes a cuticle MD that fights bacterial infections on the nail bed.

The manicure also has a unique approach with a range of products working in perfect synergy to target pigmentation and ageing on the hands.

The range was formulated as a result of the increase in pigmentation due to the use of UV lamps in Salons.

It consists of an Exfoliant and a treatment deactivating the melanocytes to inhibit production of melanin.

The final range is the Bodyscience range aimed at pregnant clients. The three products focus on preventative measures to stretch marks and is aimed at increasing elasticity of the skin. The absence of soap in the treatment is signature and imperative to the success of the range.

It consists of an oil blende, which combines calendula, rosehip, arnica, argan Moroccan, evening primrose to mention a few.


Why is my Hand Cream not working?

Are you tired of applying hand cream daily and still your hands are ageing, or maybe you are using a target hand cream to get rid of spots and you have seen no results, even after spending a fortune on expensive creams.

and what they never told you.

The solution is simple and you have to follow two easy, simple steps to get your cream working for you.

1. Take 2 minutes to understand this: It is important.

  • You have a ton of skin cells. There are around 18 million skin cells in every 2 centimeters of your body.
  • New skin cells replace old the ones. Your body is  making new skin cells and getting rid of  the old ones. Your body gets rid of 25 000 to 40,000 old skin cells every single day!
  • Dead skin cells are on top. The top 18  layers of your skin are made of dead cells.


Ok , now that you understand this, lets get to the important stuff.

Think about this! Every time you apply hand cream during the day, you are in actual fact applying it to the top of the 23 layers of dead skin cells. There is an easy solution to this.

2. Do the following:

  • Choose a treatment product ( this is your cream)that contains active ingredients and not the average aquas cream base you find at your grocer. Try http://www.elimspaproducts.com – the MediHand Range has been formulated to target ageing and pigmentation.
  • Choose a good exfoliant and use it to get rid of the dead skin cells before you apply the cream. We suggest the Elim MediHand Hydro Thermal Peel. It has soft wax beads and is a gentle exfoliator.  100 ml retails for R270.00. It has a thermal effect and heats up when used with water.Try staying away from Salt and Sugar scrubs that scratch the surface of the skin and will cause worse results over time.
  • Always remember to apply your hand cream to the top of your hands an not rub it in to the palms of your hands. Very few of us need anti-ageing there, we need it on the top. We recommend the Ultra Rich Hand Cream if you are concerned about wrinkles forming on the hands or the Age Reversal if Pigmentation is your main concern. You can also purchase the anti-ageing pack at a discounted price for three products.
  • sunscreen_hands

Let us know how the Elim Spa Products worked for you. Try our MediHand solution today.